Danger villain name

Danger villain name

He is also the second archenemy of Emmet Brickowski and Wyldstyle.

Thumb Buddies

He is a galaxy-defending archaeologist, cowboy, and raptor trainer who appears to be a benevolent ally, but he is later revealed to be a futuristic adult counterpart of Emmet Brickowski from a future timeline.

Just like Emmet Brickowskihe was voiced by Chris Pratt. Rex Dangervest has stubble dots on his face and has similar construction worker vests and patterns compared to Emmet Brickowski but in different colors. Emmet's vest is bright orange and very light grey, while Rex's is earth blue and dark stone grey and has a light green R on his vest. Rex wears dark blue gloves and wristbands. They both also have brown hair, but Rex's is less combed and darker than Emmets.

He has a chiseled jawline. While he was still Emmet Brickowski on a mission of saving his friends, Rex crashed his spaceship into an asteroid field and wound up under a clothes dryer or Undar of the Dryar System in the real world. After seeing all his friends continue to go on after his supposed death, Emmet became filled with hate and grew resentful towards them by trusting in only himself, changed his clothes and name, and built a time machine so he could travel back in time and ensure the "Armamageddon" occurred.

Along the way, he time traveled back to the year 65, B. Rex saved Emmet as he was about to crash into an asteroid field and teamed up with his past self to venture to the Systar System and save his friends from the DUPLO Aliens. As they continue to the Systar System with some of his raptor buddies, Emmet begins to take on several of Rex's mannerisms, hoping to impress Lucy. When they arrive, they evade capture by Wa'Nabi's forces by swamp creatures and "brainwashed" of most of the people by singing "Catchy Song".

Rex tells Emmet that he has managed to have his abilities and force by making him tough. They make up a plan which involves switching off the pop music that is brainwashing the others, while Emmet will destroy the reception cake encased in a temple to stop the wedding between Batman and Wa'Nabi. However, Rex and Emmet are shocked when Lucy reveals her original hair to them, and she affirms she is not brainwashed.

Despite Rex's warnings, Emmet believes she is the real Lucy because he trusts her, and she helps them to the plan. Before Emmet could follow the plan, Rex gives him his vest, and Emmet thanks him for helping him, without knowing yet his true intentions. Emmet soon realizes after learning that the DUPLO Aliens only wanted peace between themselves and Bricksburg and seeing a hole in the universe appear in wake of the cake's destruction. The cake being destroyed is mirrored in the real world by Finn angrily destroying Bianca's LEGO creations, causing their mother to scold them and tell them to put their toys away.

Lucy then tells Rex that Emmet will not become as Rex did, but Rex can be like Emmet as they ask him to join them, but Rex denies since he realizes that Emmet being saved by Lucy means he didn't end up becoming what Rex did, erasing his timeline and causing the deluded time-traveler to begin disappearing limb by limb.

Except again not trademarking "No regrets", that was a mistake, one love! Rex's ultimate fate is unknown. His existence as a physical LEGO mini-figure is likely still intact in the human world, as the rate of decay when he died in the LEGO universe was greatly exaggerated.

Mole Mrs. Toad Ms. Balloon Man Teen Titans Go! Lex Luthor Teen Titans Go! TMNT Mr.It premiered on April 4, to an audience of 0. Captain Man says that the Danger Force are searching for the villains at that moment. Suddenly, Miles and Chapa walk in with chicken wings acting very rowdy and start dancing. Mika falls down when she walks in and knocks the map over. As Miles talks back to Trent, Bose comes in claiming to have captured The Toddler but it is just a toddler. Chapa gives Miles milk when he asks, but it was actually spicy milk and Miles runs off screaming as the rowdiness continues.

Captain Man is clearly annoyed glances as he looks at Ellis looking at the wings. Then, at SW. Then, they all argue about who knocked over some pencils when an emergency alarm sounds that someone is coming, so they all transform the room to make it look like a real school once more. The person is a random guy who wants to ask questions about the school when Ellis runs in the room with giant scissors and Ray pushes the guy out.

Mika then reviews the viral news footage that made fun of their names based on their livestream performance, so, in their anger, they create new names for themselves with reasoning and present them to Ray, who loves them. Out of nowhere, the guy walks back in but reveals himself to be Schwoz testing out his new security protocol. Ray tells the kids the story of Trent calling him 'Angry Punch Guy' on the news almost three times, until Captain Man paid him a visit during their broadcast.

Ray accompanies his story with an archive video of that broadcast as he dances along to the music on the broadcast, where a younger Captain Man and Mary are also dancing. The kids question Ray's age, but Ray threatens to pay them a visit if they mention his age again.

He tells them the story of his name, where the most popular guy in Swellview back in the day called him 'Captain Man' over the radio and it became his name.

Ellis is in one of the chairs with the scissors and goes up to run around the Man's Nest, so they all rush up after him and get him off the scene. Chapa gets into uniform and walks to the news station to tell them their real names after Miles fails to teleport her, and Mika and Miles go on to find the most popular person in Swellview, which according to a chart is not Captain Man as Ray believes, but a girl that was on the same flight as a celebrity.

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On the news, Trent and Mary are practicing their lines for the news but Chapa thinks it is real so she interrupts them to stop them from saying the fake name. They call security and Fran comes out from the food section to take care of Chapa. On the real news, Trent and Mary go on to announce the fake superhero names for a second time, while Chapa has a donut in her mouth that blocks her voice.

At the table, a waitress brings over Cheeseburger, Thanksgiving Dinner, and Chocolate Cake smoothies and they start arguing, spilling the chocolate on Ray's shirt; he goes to wash it off as AWOL and ShoutOut walk in asking why Bose isn't trying to search for Ellis' mother; she shows them his missing sign on the spicy milk carton. Chapa walks in breaking the bad news, and Mika calls Ellis' mother to tell them the location of Ellis, who has been put on a chair with a smoothie by Bose.

Just as they walk over to Natalie, the Toddler walks in, interrupting the conversation but wanting to hear Natalie's story later on. ShoutOut tries to use her powers but they won't work, Miles teleports them to the same location, Chapa's electricity hits other people and the cash register causing money to fly, and Bose knocks himself out with his telekinesis fail. The kids decide to just physically get the goons but Chapa picks up the spicy milk and launches it onto the goons and the Toddler as they cry out of the place.

danger villain name

Ray walks back in, shirtless, as the crowd cheers for the Danger Force victory. Two men walk through the door to get Ellis and explain that the women was the birth mother of Ellis, and they were the adopted parents.

Ellis adorably says goodbye to the Danger Force with their real superhero names as Natalie starts livestreaming the occasion, which makes it onto the news to confirm their superhero names. The kids watch the livestream in the Man's Nest as Ray tries to call the birthmother of Ellis after falling in love with the picture but he claims the signal is very bad.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.In the realm of superheroes, names are a really big deal. For most characters, a heroic or villainous alter-ego can represent their powers, their outlook on the world or how they see themselves.

For characters who find success in comics, TV or film, their names can become instantly recognizable household phrases that appear in toy aisles and on TV screens all around the world. Without a good name, a hero or villain can be dead on arrival, but a superhero with a perfect name can reshape the English language.

With distinctive one-world names, some truly iconic characters like Wolverine and the Hulk have even defined what those words mean in the modern cultural lexicon. However, various factors in the real-world or the universe of a story can force characters to change their identities.

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Now, CBR is taking a look back at the heroes and villains who were forced to change or censor their controversial names. Usually, these name changes happen for one of a few reasons. In cartoons or products targeted at kids, content restrictions might force creators to change a character or team's name to something that's deemed more appropriate for a younger audience.

Along with concerns about marketing or branding, legal concerns involving complex trademarks and copyrights can also compel characters or teams to take on different names.

In addition to editorial mandates and in-universe reasons, all of these factors can work together to force a character, a team or even an entire series to take on a brand new identity.

After being refined by future Plastic Man creator Jack Cole, the Lev Gleason hero enjoyed a successful run for a decade until he fell into obscurity and, eventually, into the public domain. Since he's in the public domain, anyone can legally use the original Daredevil in a story. However, Marvel has a firm grip on trademarks involving comics called "Daredevil," and a few publishers gave the original Daredevil a new name.

Even before Suicide Squad introduced moviegoers to Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn inthe group of semi-reformed supervillains was still one of the more prominent superteams in the DC Universe. After John Ostrander, Len Wein and John Byrne introduced the modern version of the team in 's Legends 3, the group starred in a critically-acclaimed comic book that ran for five years.

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However, the phrase "Suicide Squad" isn't exactly ideal for a kid-friendly cartoon. While the team never went by its comic book name, it was simply called "The Squad" on a few occasions. When he was created by Bill Parker and C. Because of the suit, Fawcett stopped publishing Captain Marvel in the mids.

In the s, Marvel Comics introduced an alien hero named Captain Marvel and trademarked the character's name. By the time DC got the rights to Fawcett's Captain Marvel in the s, it couldn't publish a series with the hero's name.

After his adventures appeared in series like Shazam!Other articles related to " villains, villain ":. Because the honest people are terribly dense. Home Contact Privacy. Villains Baron Silas Greenback voiced by Edward Kelsey : The recurring villain and Danger Mouse's archenemy; a toad with a wheezy voice, although, sometimes, he was referred to as a frog.

Known as Baron Greenteeth in the unbroadcast pilot episode. Commonly known as the "Terrible Toad". In America, " Greenback " is slang for dollar bill in many regions, adding to the sense of his commercial greed. Allegedly, he turned to a life of crime as a schoolboy when other children stole his bicycle and let all the air out of its tyres.

Stiletto Mafiosa voiced by Brian Trueman : Greenback's henchman; a crow. He always called Greenback "Barone", Italian for "Baron".

danger villain name

In the original English version, he spoke with an Italian accent; to avoid offending Italian-Americans, this was changed to a Cockney accent for U. Nickelodeon and all references to his surname were removed as well, although, the Italian word "Barone" was retained.

In several episodes, a short silence after his first name is said and the next word is quite obvious. The original voicing has been restored on all U. Today, modern audiences have no difficulties with accepting his accent, as it is compared to Chico Marx of The Marx Brothers but the censors were less trustworthy of the melting-pot audience of America then. Stiletto is accepted with good humour among the majority of the American audience.

One critic noticed that to scorn Stiletto's accent "makes about as much ridiculous sense as saying Boris Badinoff's accent was insulting to Russians during the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

Nero : Greenback's pet. A fluffy white caterpillar equivalent to the stereotypical white cat frequently associated with arch villains, particularly Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

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He is a non-speaking character although, his noises and laugh are supplied by David Jason's voice sped up. Readily understood by Greenback and, less frequently, by Stiletto. At one time, he is shown to have a form of telekinesis after falling into one of Greenback's inventions, proving to be just as much a match to DM and Penfold as his master. Of course, he lost this power when he was drenched in water.

In the special features of Danger Mouse cartoons, audiences were informed that Nero is actually the mastermind of Greenback's schemes. Leatherhead voiced by Terry Scott : Greenback's other crow henchman. Even less intelligent than Stiletto, he only appeared in several of the early episodes, where he spent most of his time reading comic books. Doctor Augustus P. In one episode, he attempted to undermine Danger Mouse by metamorphosing into a Shirley Temple lookalike. In only one episode, "Penfold Transformed", as opposed to his stage name "Augustus P.

Crumhorn was rarely if ever seen among American audiences, who had to purchase the original version aired on ITV to experience his ridiculousness. Crumhorn and Greenback were at odds; once Crumhorn kidnapped Penfold and Penfold managed to escape simply because, the two villains were too busy quarreling to notice his absence.

Count Duckula voiced by David Jason : A showbiz-obsessed vampire duck who wanted to get his own show. However, his utter lack of anything approaching talent made his attempts to "entertain" rather terrifying he has been known to use his 'act" as a torture device. This ongoing gag of him craving his own show and show business inspired a later Cosgrove Hall spin-off series, titled Count Duckulastarring the Count himself. The two versions of the character differ, however; the Danger Mouse Count Duckula is not a vegetarian, makes far greater use of his vampiric magic, and has an accent consisting of a Daffy Duck-like lisp instead of the stereotypical Transylvanian accentas well as occasional stuttering and duck-like squawks and quacks.

This discrepancy is explained when his DM incarnation falls to ashes and is resurrected during the Astronomical House of Asparagus. Instead of a libation of blood, the nanny puts tomato ketchup into the offering, creating the world's first vegetarian vampire duck.

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In the comic book series, the new incarnation makes instant friends with Danger Mousemuch to the chagrin of the ghoulish butler vulture who really wanted his master to drain DM's blood.Villains started out as a group of people who wanted to use their new gifts to benefit themselves instead of helping others.

Unlike heroesthese people wanted to use their Quirks to commit crime and evil.

Beekeeper (Henry Danger)

According to Naomasa Tsukauchiin the current age, the crime rate committed by villains is quite low as a result of being pressurized by the huge amount of heroes. Tomura and Kurogiri try to finish what Nomu started, but their attempt is thwarted by Izuku Midoriyaand the timely arrival of the U. Pro Heroes. Both Tomura and Kurogiri are sucked into a Black Hole created by Thirteen however, Kurogiri creates a portal back to their hideout, teleporting themselves out of harm's way.

Thus, the League of Villains is defeated and the majority of the villains of the alliance along with Nomu are captured and detained by the police, leaving Tomura and Kurogiri as the only remnants of the League of Villains. During the U. Sports Festivalthe notorious villain called Stain heavily injured Ingeniumleaving him for dead. Afterwards on a rooftop, Kurogiri of the League of Villains asks Stain for a moment of his time and teleports him to the League of Villains' hideout.

At the League of Villains hideout, Tomura invites Stain to join the League of Villains as his notoriety would benefit them greatly. Tomura also tells Stain what their goals are. However, Stain is not amused with Tomura's child-like attitude, as well as his goals, and begins arguing with him. The mysterious voice on the monitor asks Kurogiri to let Tomura and Stain continue with their meeting as Tomura's meeting with Stain an experienced infamous villain will stimulate Tomura's growth.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. There are many different types of villains in the world. Contents [ show ]. All For One. Tomura Shigaraki.

Kyudai Garaki. Himiko Toga. Nomu Chainsaw. Nomu U. Winged Nomu. Eyeless Nomu. Slidin' Go. Daruma Ujiko. Kuin Hachisuka.Joey and Mark are adults, who have brown eyes and hair. Mark is shorter than Joey and has a mustache. Their clothes consisted of a coat with the image of a hand with the thumb lifted upwards, an orange hair band, a waistband and knee pads. They seemed to make a sign, this was to jump while shouting "Thumb Buddies".

After having been in space for a while, their appearance changed drastically since Joey was covered with hair all over his body and communicated with meaningless sounds, which Mark seemed to understand. Regarding Mark he had his skin purple and his leg had increased in size.

Mark no longer has purple skin, and Joey has less hair and no longer has a bigger leg. Captain Man and Kid Danger see them on the news, so they get upset and go there, when they get to Nacho Ball, they make everyone leave and they want to talk to Joey and Mark but they are surprised and happy, telling them that they were their inspiration to be super heroes.

Captain Man and Kid Danger are somewhat surprised. Then the Captain receives a call informing him that Stainless Steve escaped, the Thumb Buddies want to go with them but Captain Man refuses. However when Joey gives him massages, he accepts.

When they reach the backyard of a house they see a shed. The Thumb Buddies offer to enter, but by doing so they accidentally disarm a mechanism and the shed transforms into a rocket that takes off into space, without Captain Man and Kid Danger knowing what to do. Days later, the rocket crashes into a barn, and they go out, surprising a farmer.

Believing they were set up by the heroes in the rocket ship, they decided to take revenge on Captain Man and Kid Danger. Later, Captain Man and Kid Danger go to Ferris Feuler due to a theft alert, they surprise Mark and Joey who were stealing, they talk to them and the Thumb Buddies say that they are to blame since they did not rescue them while they were in space, then Captain and Kid confronts them but Mark easily reduces them with the electric charge that he could give with his hand, they wake up and see that they are on a rocket and they see the Thumb Buddies outside who say they will be sent to space, they provoke them to that activate the launch of the rocket, but when they do it does not take off and falls aside and all the fire that goes out burns the Thumb Buddies, Captain Man and Kid Danger come out of the rocket and see them go.

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List of villains in Danger Force

Start a Wiki. So did we. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Henry Danger Villains.His villains are often bizarre, wacky and almost ridiculous, but they are also incredibly dangerous. Yes, over the years we've seen a wide variety of strange characters, some of which were just as daft as their name suggests; hardly ever causing a real threat to the scarlet speedster. The name Turtle doesn't exactly spark fear into anyone's heart, as turtles are pretty harmless.

However, over the years, he's caused enough destruction to showcase that he is a force to be reckoned with. His super speed can't help him in these situations, and Turtle is pretty tactical in the way in which he operates. We've even recently seen a future where Turtle has actually taken control of Central City demonstrating why he is a real threat to its citizens.

It's not a name that you'd associate with a master criminal, at least not a super-powered one that actually has some real strength to him. The Fiddler actually has all types of abilities that he uses his violins and fiddles to weaponize.

He can do everything from creating force fields and mind control. Some of his violins can even shoot bullets! He'd be a valid threat to any DC superhero. Any comic fan will know that a character that can manipulate the weather is actually pretty powerful. He's become even more powerful when advanced technology meant that he no longer had to use his wand to control the weather, being able to actually do so with his mind!

Thinking doesn't sound very threatening, does it? Whether he's producing some vicious inventions or is using his incredible tactical abilities, he's always one step ahead. He's the smartest villain in any room unless that room also contains Lex Luthor! The Thinker is a silly name that's pretty hard to beat, but we're sure that Top can You probably think of a toy rather than a homicidal maniac, yet, despite the ridiculous costume he wears, Top's powers are actually ones that you need to watch out for!

Although his name is pretty silly, it's actually resulted in quite a diverse set of abilities. His main function is to Of course, any villain needs a gimmick and his weaponized tops are also there to get the job done. The sister to Captain Cold, Golden Glider sounds pretty harmless. It's almost as if she's an Olympic snowboarder rather than any kind of criminal. Funnily enough, Golden Glider is in fact an Olympian, although a figure skater rather than a snowboarder.

However, with some interesting technology, she can actually skate on any surface, making her incredibly agile.

danger villain name

In the new 52, her powers have been increased to be able to phase and she can move at even faster speeds. Rainbow Raider takes it to another level, carrying on where Golden Glider left off. Rainbows may just be one of the least threatening things in the universe. They've been used in comics in the past to be a way of transporting people, rather than causing any kind of danger.

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The look and the name mean nothing, though, in comparison to what he can actually do! Whether he's sliding across them or using them as weapons, you don't want to have to face the Raider.

To a non-DC fan, Double Down doesn't really mean all that much.